The experts said the satellite remote sensing data

The experts said the satellite remote sensing data in China more than 90% dependent on foreign imports. Significantly enhance the high-resolution

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2012 remote sensing satellite images autonomous supply capacity and international competitiveness, as soon as the formation of all-weather, all-time rapid access to any location of the world’s high-precision geographic information, is the inevitable trend of development of China Surveying and Mapping Satellite
According to the assessment agency reported, Taiwan, “Transportation Minister Mao Zhiguo attend a Cabinet meeting,” Yee said the mainland “51” and “11” holiday is the peak of mainland tourists to Taiwan, hope toward the direction of a cap, do not excessively large number of tourists to Taiwan, leading to confusion in the market, the relevant control resulting in dead ends, the threat to traffic safety at a particular point in time. This statement caused a backlash from business in southern Taiwan Tourism Industry Alliance Zhao Lin Fu-nan, etc. I do not know the hardships that the Department of Transportation.

“Executive Yuan” spokesman Zheng Liwen last night respondents said that you can understand the voice of the industry, but also hope that the industry can understand the overall intention of the Department of Transportation, Department of Transportation, “of course hope that the tourism industry is the more vigorous the better, but it should also cheap air jordan 2012 shoes take into account quality, “Department of Transportation” very hard, hoping to improve tourism quality industry to promote better development
Taiwan, “Wang”, the 9th issue of the Taipei travel writer Ye Zhihui Contributions, the article pointed out, more and more cross-strait exchanges, but some of the details are not careful, will make their relationship more and more alienated.

Article excerpts are as follows:

With the progress of cross-strait relations, the number of Taiwanese on the mainland has long been more than a million, and a group of Taiwanese local integration, also dating a good friend of many across the continent, the two sides will not intentionally unnecessary political association, people with human interaction is simple and natural.

However, often the chance to speak, but it may hurt each other without realizing it, such as talk to gourmet, you Shanghai cooking, salt with oil under good weight, we Taiwanese relatively light “or talk to the traffic situation, “your subway crowded Oh, we or order some. A while back, the terms with the Shanghai friend finally told me that initiative Could you do jordan shoes 2011 for sale not often use “you Shanghai” to speak? Heard the “you” make people uncomfortable, what you we, this feeling so alienated.

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