in time to be submitted to the higher authorities

“Although the son to leave school for a 5-minute walk, the children at this time to let him sleep, I daily 7:00 dragged him to get up, wash,

and quickly let him eat breakfast. Often  cheap air jordan 14 shoes have no appetite, simply could not eat. In this way, the children are ‘marching point’ school.

distant point slightly away from the school, the child and the parent must surely have to get up for more than 6:00! “the reporter’s

colleagues complained that.

This situation is staged every day in the streets. Daily dawn days, one of millions of students and parents, “school army off: the bus

everywhere carrying heavy rubbing his bleary sleepy students; bicycles, mopeds back seat, wrapped up the kids while sleepy gnawing breakfast.

A professor of Zhengzhou University School of Public Administration, with the development of society, people’s daily routine has been a great

change, primary school students to learn the morning there are health, safety, social and many other issues, why go to school daily routine

can not change it?

Poor parental love, children reading, in addition to “read along” had to “escort”. Interview, many parents want the education sector can

learn from foreign experience or Chengdu, Lanzhou, Beijing and other places, school children transferred to 9:00. “Chengdu pupils air jordan spizike for sale   are 9:00

class …” a netizen said.

In this regard, Zhengzhou City Board of Education official said, in accordance with the requirements of the provincial education department,

the city’s primary and secondary schools to the morning school time shall not be earlier than the 8:00 class time may not be earlier than 8

o’clock 10 points. Primary and middle school students to go to school whether it should be postponed before the CPPCC members or deputies,

the problem lies in Zhengzhou, primary school students school time is consistent with the Zhengzhou City mainstream public office hours? How

much support rate? Only figure out the problem, in order to postpone the pupils to school in time to be submitted to the higher authorities

of consider. K

This is the fourth door service! “Middle of winter, Huishui County the good bonus township hospital doctors come for free medical examination

of the township with chronic diseases Ban Fu-sheng, while treatment drugs. Shook the doctor’s hand, BAN Fu wins again and again   cheap jordan big ups sale to give

thanks. Since the beginning of last year, the village health hospital township like classes such as Fu-sheng mobility of patients are site


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