“thermometer” measuring people warm and cold

Understand the sufferings of the masses, the people’s livelihood “stethoscope” sentiments “thermometer” measuring people warm and cold. Excel

activities, the benefits of water more than jordan cp3 iv for sale  3,500 cadres depth 25 county towns, 201 administrative villages, Zoucunchuanzhai visiting with

farmers to check the condition of the people, and asked the people to look forward to, know people need to collect the combing livelihood 907

pieces. Huishui County 907 items one by one decomposition explicitly implement the main provisions of completion deadlines. Good bonuses

rural hospitals caring service is what to do practical things turn style vivid example.

Huishui 907 practical implementation of the 589 so far, and to require all matters within the time limit, the time limit foreign matter is

being strongly promoting.

“Cadres is to do the center of gravity, the body into the heart into ground gas break problems, solutions to people’s concerns, focus on

accomplishing a number of people are satisfied with the practical work to solve a number of practical problems.” Said county party secretary

U Thant, use hard index of cadres at all levels, in exchange for the people’s happiness index.23 am, Benxi City farewell in Creek Provincial deputies went to Shenyang to attend Province, the second session of the National People’s

Congress meeting. The Benxi party secretary Gang Rui, deputy secretary, Mayor Gao Hongbin, Liu Yin, the Municipal People’s Congress Standing

Committee, deputy secretary of Zhaodong  air jordan flight 23 rst low for sale   rock to participate in the farewell ceremony.

Benxi City to attend the Provincial People’s Congress delegation, on behalf of 29 people, including 21 representatives from Benxi City. The

deputies said, comprehensively and thoroughly implement the party’s 48 spirit of the first year is the implementation of the “12th Five-Year

Plan of the past and the key year is an important year to lay a solid foundation for building a moderately prosperous society, open good this

year’s meeting is of great significance. We must conscientiously perform their duties conscientiously abide by the General Assembly

discipline, consideration of the report, do a good job of elections, according to the provincial government’s deployment, combined with the

actual situation of the Benxi, further discussion, study and implementation of this year, the city’s economic and social development of each

objectives, tasks and measures. During the meeting, to actively show Benxi City proudly “Twelve Five”, the construction of new Benxi results

achieved, but also to speak through the General Assembly, it is recommended that motion various forms, reflecting the Benxi  jordan fly wade for sale  City, the

difficulties encountered in the development and the next step are urgently needed to solve the problem, does not live up to the hope and

trust of the people of the city.

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