January 8, Minister Li Liguo meetings

January 8, Minister Li Liguo meetings, research-driven amendments to improve the cheap jordan sc-1 shoes relevant laws, further encouraging citizens to adoption; promote the introduction of children’s social welfare Ordinance, improve child welfare protection system; continue implementation of child welfare agencies building blue sky plan, in a large population County is the construction of a number of child welfare agencies, other county child welfare in the construction of social welfare center, and comprehensively improve the orphan shelter parenting ability
Reported that a motion to impeach the Chief Executive on the 9th was rejected by the Legislative Council of Hong Kong.

27 Members in the week before the SAR government announced a policy address, the first motion to impeach the Chief Executive in Council since reunification. After about eight hours of debate, the motion was rejected. Shenyang Military Region forces recently carried out in the Sino-Korean border Changbai Mountain area winter training attracted the attention of the South Korean media. South Korea’s “World News” in an article entitled “the beginning of the Chinese army in the Changbai Mountain, drills, displaying military rise, said:” This will not only designed to deal with North Korea is a mutation in the situation, the idea of ​​entering North Korean territory in the last resort also includes in it. “jordan son of mars cheap sale

Reported that the winter training of high intensity of the Shenyang Military Region in the Changbai Mountain area in the 7th. Its specific content: more than 1,000 soldiers arrived after long-distance march after a gathering point of Changbai Mountain, now at minus 32 degrees, snow thickness of 40 cm under the severe cold weather conditions for firing practice. The purpose of this training is suddenly delivering them prior environment there is no detection of the terrain, can minimize the sacrifice, and to maximize the ability to fight “. The article said that an army of Shenyang Military Region recently held as the core of a large-scale mechanized infantry brigade maneuver training. Icy roads and snow-covered mountains region of the troops and the construction of six specialized training courses, use of the command vehicle, infantry armored vehicles, communications vehicles and other 17 kinds of large equipment, motor training. The article inferred, if unexpected circumstances occur, the Chinese armed forces in addition to the Shenyang Military Region, may also be utilized around Beijing and Jinan Military Area Command of troops into the 20-30 km region of the Sino-Korean border.

South Korean media has always been very concerned about the People’s Liberation Army training in the Changbai Mountain area. Yonhap reported that the Shenyang Military Region artillery units training missile on July 25, 2006 in the Changbai Mountain area. Article this training with the North Korean missile launch on July 5 background linked, pointed out that China’s intention is to maintain a certain distance with the DPRK. In June 2011, the Korean Christian broadcasting company website reported that the Shenyang Military Region specialized electronic warfare forces tactical training in the Changbai Mountain area. The article said that the electronic warfare forces over the past few years involved in the Shenyang Military Region, including 26 divisions and brigade training to play the enemy to manufacture a variety of electronic warfare environment. In 2012, Yonhap reported that, after the Chinese New Year, the full strength of the Shenyang Military Region, an aviation brigade transferred to winter military training in Changbai Mountain. air jordan 2012 on sale

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