Trinity explosion that rely started stealing linking

Trinity explosion that rely started stealing linking technology air jordan 1 retro for sale . This synopsis is Zoomlion Chairman Zhan pure new the concrete mechanical technology after your studies thirty-one stole Zoomlion stressed that “the media in the case of basic investigation, interview with Liang Wengen of Sany Group to text executives in the form of the wave, Yuan Jinhua, Liang Lin River, Zoomlion reversing black and white, confuse right and wrong, the false false reports. the Zoomlion solemn statement from the date of establishment of Zoomlion been honest, law-abiding business as the basic criteria described in the text, is purely fabricated, malicious slander. “[more] Zoomlion said government favoritism that the the lost fair two companies are subject to support
Vanda, a top executive said, whether or associated, in the process of development has been unprecedented attention once problems to be solved, the provincial leadership has always been personally intervene personally supervise the way the green light. Is also the case before the construction machinery industry in Changsha’s development to cultivate a “fertile soil”, which makes construction machinery rise in inland Hunan, only now Zoomlion and Sany can go abroad mergers and acquisitions overseas giants to compete for the international market. [More] Vanda industry to compete on the same stage speed the development of the friction is small minor air jordan ii retro sale

“Since there is competition, it will be friction. Loggerheads sometimes has become the economic interests of the showdown between the individual employees in the competition in the market, the competitive business interests, competition in the final two enterprises becomes the individual competition, friction natural inevitable. “Zoomlion senior quite frankly, but our business leaders need to do, is to take the team with a good law competition, the friction is always just a small minor positive impact of competition is always the mainstream . [More]

“Bitter end” the development of competition in the end often come to the end of a “lose-lose”. Business is war, companies continue to provoke vicious competition, nothing more than Blinded by greed. To stir up trouble who had wanted to defeat an opponent, to snatch each other’s market share, to achieve their own interests, the event to the last, often give the innocent and even the whole industry a heavy blow, and eventually also fallen victim to their own, end up “harms others not selfish “end. Fundamentally eliminate hidden dangers of vicious competition, market fair and reasonable order, corporate self-regulation alone can not be achieved, the rule of law to the protection of the rules of competition and trade order, with appropriate penalties to be effective. If the government involved in business interests compete, the consequences of political and business collusion, is to give the Chinese commercial slide into crony capitalism. Is undesirable.
Growth experience
Graduated in 1983 from Central South Institute of Mining and Metallurgy Materials Science, senior engineer. Hongyuan Machinery Factory work in the Ministry of Weapon Industry from 1983 to 1986, served as Program Deputy Director, Economic Restructuring Commission deputy director. Sea founder Lianyuan special welding air jordan 3 retro on sale materials factory in 1986. 1991, the enterprise was renamed Hunan Sany Group Co., Ltd., and served as chairman of the board.

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