Tellingly, disclosed in the official

Tellingly, disclosed in the official 2008-2009 “the secret shoot indecent video” Shortly after this period of time, he served Jiulongpo District secretary.jordan big ups for sale

Jiulongpo District is one of the core area of ??the main city of Chongqing, the resident population of 1,116,000, a solid industrial base, in 2011, the region’s GDP reached 69.05 billion yuan, with a per capita GDP reached 9.96 thousand U.S. dollars, the local fiscal revenue reached 6.02 billion yuan.

Served as the the Jiulongpo district committee secretary, Exerted Jiulongpo citizens known as the slope of the people “, he often slope of the people” claiming the title in official circles, is often praised as the “People First move.

The secretary of the slope of the people “that the long-term with short hair again raised a lot of” famous “in today’s perspective, these” famous “extraordinarily ironic.

In his new role as Jiulongpo District secretary, he said that they will adhere for the guidelines to be honest and upright, with a good head on honesty, style of fooled set an example, “a fine style of work to promote government ethics with morals, in the region to create a wind clear air and positive political and social environment. ”

October 13, 2011, convening the region’s general work and cadres in the district recommended by the General Assembly, individual people both ways, Maiguai surrounded usual work do not see what motivated day Lalacheche, eat and drink, and one to the general Exerted said: when in leadership of the rhetoric of the table before the faithful, we can push him to vote for him, give him a ‘seat’ Why? absolutely can not allow such a person to succeed! ”

Exerted the slope of the people “led the the” OK Jiulongpo “the concept, which is the main objective of his policy and the starting point, he used” Mishina, “summed up the slope of the people” and “a better life”, ie, “moral life” grade city “and” quality of life. ” The so-called “moral life is the” soul, outside Aura “.jordan flight 23 RST Low for sale

Difference between the 18-year-old’s two official accident due to the same “trap”

Ai Dong, aged 43, is another matter of great unexpected officials this list of 10 people “.

Last year, just 40-year-old young cadres who the Shizhu Magistrate Chongqing, Chongqing politicians have caused widespread concern.

Prior to that, whether it is “Online” or “folk oral tradition Edition”, “Lei Zheng Fu bad video heroine officials involved, none of Ai East.

In 1992, after graduating from the Faculty of Law of the College of Southwest University of Political Ai East Qianjiang Branch into the Sichuan Provincial People’s Procuratorate Anti-Corruption Bureau to work after two years, Ren Qianjiang Prefecture Administrative Office of the Secretary; Subsequently, Ren Qianjiang Prefectural Party Committee Office of the Secretary, the Deputy Chief.

The end of 1997 to 2011, he has been working in the General Office of the Chongqing Municipal, rose to the rank of deputy director.

Official source “secret shoot indecent video after the event in 2023, aged 42 officials of the previous few public events served as Chongqing Shizhu deputy secretary, the Acting Magistrate few months later, he was elected as a magistrate.

Ai East, said face-to-face contact, Ai East looks very quiet, wearing no border glasses, appears bookish very strong. Years secretarial work experience, compared to the “domineering” Ai East and many officials appear to be relatively restrained, refined, gentle. Because of this, a lot of people he is involved in the indecent video disbelief.

Ai East is one of the youngest of the dismissal personnel, and the list of the most “elderly”, Chongqing Real Estate Group Chairman Zhou Tianyun, “the indecent video” shooting period, he had a 56-year-old.

The position of chairman of the Chongqing Land Properties Group is truly a “bad fat”, this company was formally established in 2003, is an institution directly under the Chongqing Municipal Government, Chongqing set up to strengthenjordan jumpan h series ii for sale land market management, service urban construction The professional land reserves remediation institutions.

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