The State Council had set up one of the purposes

The State Council had set up one of the purposes of the Food Safety Commission, to solve the several departments pipe bad a table “dilemma. nike lunareclipse +2 breathe for sale The meeting, Li Keqiang again stressed the need to increase the integration of governance “efforts.

He said food to safety first, remediation must be comprehensive management of food safety issues, from the overall situation, the co-ordination of regulatory power, the integration to be integrated. The transformation of government functions is a key administrative reform, and touches the interests of thing.

He warned: “to think more about the people care about thyself resolutely rejected departments decided to head butt” selfishness. ”

Li pointed out that the governance of food safety issues, not only to increase investment, while in the long-term mechanism on the basis of summing up the past lessons. He said firmly: production of food safety, there will be many unpredictable problems, these problems can not “cover” can not “around”, rather to confront. ”

Li Keqiang in previous meetings have repeatedly emphasized the responsibility of food safety work in enterprises. He said that enterprises are the first responsible person, let enterprises do my duty, only use ethical constraints, but also to use legal means. Must be “severe standards in order and disorder, until the penalty to it bankrupt, dereliction of duty and corrupt elements of the regulatory authorities to resolutely punish lawbreakers. Future food safety work, from start to finish to maintain such a high pressure situation, let unscrupulous businessmen dare touch legal red line.

“Food safety is directly related to the life and health of the people,” Li Keqiang said at last, nike lunarglide +3 shield mens “to this work as an important ruler consider the transformation of government functions at all levels.”
Chongqing, Xinhua, January 24 (Reporter Chu Wei Wang Xiaolei) reporter learned from relevant departments on the 24th, 10 party and government cadres in Chongqing, the person in charge of the state-owned enterprises is removed from office. It is reported that this batch of officers removed from office the reason the Department involving indecent video.

After the decision of the CPC Chongqing Municipal Committee, replacing Exerted the Jiulongpo district secretary duties; replacing Fan Mingwen Bishan county party secretary duties; removed from Ai East Shizhu County deputy dismissed Han Shuming Changshou District deputy secretary, mayor duties; secretary of the county office; replacing Luodeng You City Traffic Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Ombudsman’s office; replacing Xie Hua Jun Chongqing Machinery and Electronic Holding (Group) Company chairman and party secretary duties; replacing Zhou Tianyun Chongqing Land Properties Group chairman, party secretary duties; Free Go He Yubai Chongqing International Trust Co., Ltd., chairman, party secretary duties. More than the removal of the relevant duties in nike roshe run premium for salematters need to be handled in accordance with statutory procedures.

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