The person in charge of the General Administration

The person in charge of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection data corroboration food security “situation” grim: food enterprises nike free run 3 for sale and production license in China totaled 140,000, however, the small workshops of all kinds of food without a production license, the total was more than 200,000 house.

The Li Keqiang Accordingly stage characteristics of China’s food safety. He said, China’s per capita GDP is $ 6000 has entered the ranks of middle-income countries have been included in accordance with World Bank standards. With the accelerated pace of modern life, the growing demand for processed foods and fresh food more discerning tastes, which are increasing the demand for the use of food additives, but also adds more uncertainty to the food safety the hidden dangers.

Despite more than three years by the Food Safety Commission of the State Council “jolt”, the country did not recur in regional and systematic food safety risk, the food security situation overall a good trend, but there are still lawless elements “in order to make money life exist in the field of food safety problems still “can not be underestimated.”

From the analysis of the situation at this stage, to solve this chronic problem to overcome food safety need to make long-term mental preparation, must unremittingly. Should always storming forward, step by step. “Li said.

The daily necessities of security is highlight the desire of the people

Throughout the history of some of the free-market countries, they generally also experienced a similar scene in contemporary China: the masses to pay more attention to food safety, environmental quality, health and medical, in experiencing food safety crisis after the Government to speed up the adjustment of public, Li pointed out that governance structure, increase market supervision.
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He stressed: “The government’s market supervision must first protect the security of the people’s livelihood. Everything we do is for the interests of the people, to the extent possible to meet the aspirations of the people and the daily necessities of security is a prominent aspirations of the people.”

Phenomenon for some local officials ran the funds on the project hundreds of times, and got the idea of ??food safety issues, but not enough, Li Keqiang warned: “The government’s top priority is economic development, but the basic purpose is to improve people’s livelihood. Economic development and improve The people’s livelihood can not complement each other, it may become the economic prosperity of the surface and digital, so that people can not receive benefits, feel comfortable prosperity. ”

He repeatedly stressed that the government’s first duty is to “create a safe and fair rule of law in the market environment.

“Can we further transform government functions, improve the socialist market economic system, we should currently work as an important food safety considerations.”
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Lawbreakers must be “severe standards in Punishment”

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