The State Council had set up one

The State Council had set up one of the purposes of the Food Safety Commission, to solve the several departments pipe bad a table “dilemma. The meeting, Li Keqiang again stressed the need to increase the integration of governance “efforts.
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He said food to safety first, remediation must be comprehensive management of food safety issues, from the overall situation, the co-ordination of regulatory power, the integration to be integrated. The transformation of government functions is a key administrative reform, and touches the interests of thing.

He warned: “to think more about the people care about thyself resolutely rejected departments decided to head butt” selfishness. ”

Li pointed out that the governance of food safety issues, not only to increase investment, while in the long-term mechanism on the basis of summing up the past lessons. He said firmly: production of food safety, there will be many unpredictable problems, these problems can not “cover” can not “around”, rather to confront. ”

Li Keqiang in previous meetings have repeatedly emphasized the responsibility of food safety work in enterprises. He said that enterprises are the first responsible person, let enterprises do my duty, only use ethical constraints, but also to use legal means. Must be “severe standards in order and disorder, until the penalty to it bankrupt, dereliction of duty and corrupt elements of the regulatory authorities to resolutely punish lawbreakers. Future food safety work, from start to finish to maintain such a high pressure situation, let unscrupulous businessmen dare touch legal red line.

“Food safety is directly related to the life and health of the people,” Li Keqiang said at last, “to this work as an important ruler consider the transformation of government functions at all levels.”

) Officials have their own privacy, as the doctors cure cases of patient privacy and the need to protect. “Today, the eleventh meeting of the Guangdong Provincial People’s Congress held a preparatory meeting. Guangzhou Ye Peng Chi group representatives that nike free 5.0 v4 salethe fight against corruption should be a high pressure situation of society, so the idea of ??corruption dare greed. On the official property of the public system, he suggested to take a random sampling of public officials’ property, for example, can take the regular “摇号” approach.

Ye Peng Chi, discipline inspection departments have various means of supervision officials, the property is not necessarily the best way to public officials. “I advocate to declare his assets to the organization, but not necessarily the public, more so, the social climate more is not conducive to a fair and equitable under the banner name of ‘public opinion’ to be alert to some people engage in populism.”

Ye Peng Zhi pressed further: “To officials of public property legal basis for this? NPC public law public property? Officials are also human beings, there are privacy; officials are public servants, not slaves of the people.”
Provincial deputy party secretary, the Public Security Bureau director Liang Wei the newer entrants this year, the provincial CPPCC members, he said: “In the future, with all the same boat, pull together, woe, fulfill their duties.” Yesterday morning, Liang Wei for the first time participate in the CPPCC group discussions. Liang Wei recalled Xi Jinping Jintao visited Guangdong pomp and details of the strict implementation of the central eight, and cheap nike free haven 3.0 expressed great admiration.

The person in charge of the General Administration

The person in charge of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection data corroboration food security “situation” grim: food enterprises nike free run 3 for sale and production license in China totaled 140,000, however, the small workshops of all kinds of food without a production license, the total was more than 200,000 house.

The Li Keqiang Accordingly stage characteristics of China’s food safety. He said, China’s per capita GDP is $ 6000 has entered the ranks of middle-income countries have been included in accordance with World Bank standards. With the accelerated pace of modern life, the growing demand for processed foods and fresh food more discerning tastes, which are increasing the demand for the use of food additives, but also adds more uncertainty to the food safety the hidden dangers.

Despite more than three years by the Food Safety Commission of the State Council “jolt”, the country did not recur in regional and systematic food safety risk, the food security situation overall a good trend, but there are still lawless elements “in order to make money life exist in the field of food safety problems still “can not be underestimated.”

From the analysis of the situation at this stage, to solve this chronic problem to overcome food safety need to make long-term mental preparation, must unremittingly. Should always storming forward, step by step. “Li said.

The daily necessities of security is highlight the desire of the people

Throughout the history of some of the free-market countries, they generally also experienced a similar scene in contemporary China: the masses to pay more attention to food safety, environmental quality, health and medical, in experiencing food safety crisis after the Government to speed up the adjustment of public, Li pointed out that governance structure, increase market supervision.
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He stressed: “The government’s market supervision must first protect the security of the people’s livelihood. Everything we do is for the interests of the people, to the extent possible to meet the aspirations of the people and the daily necessities of security is a prominent aspirations of the people.”

Phenomenon for some local officials ran the funds on the project hundreds of times, and got the idea of ??food safety issues, but not enough, Li Keqiang warned: “The government’s top priority is economic development, but the basic purpose is to improve people’s livelihood. Economic development and improve The people’s livelihood can not complement each other, it may become the economic prosperity of the surface and digital, so that people can not receive benefits, feel comfortable prosperity. ”

He repeatedly stressed that the government’s first duty is to “create a safe and fair rule of law in the market environment.

“Can we further transform government functions, improve the socialist market economic system, we should currently work as an important food safety considerations.”
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Lawbreakers must be “severe standards in Punishment”

Wang Qishan said, learning, thinking

Wang Qishan said, learning, thinking, practice, perception is a learning and thinking, nike free run 2 salethinking and practice, practice and enlightenment spiraling cycle process, endless. Learning must close contact with his thoughts and the actual work, good insert themselves in the mirror; want deep inside it shallow. With practice, the book will be read, the more “thick” more. Reflection, easy to understand, the book will more you read the more “thin”, be succinct, by heart, externalization line.

Wang stressed the need to a profound understanding of honest government, and the long-term nature of the struggle against corruption, the complexity and difficulty. We will fight corruption to a temporary solution-oriented, win time for the root of the problem. To strictly enforce the Party’s political discipline, focus on the implementation of the eight provisions “, pay close attention to improve the style, oppose extravagance and waste, and against privilege. To stare at the Spring Festival, “two sessions”, and resolutely put an end to using public funds to engage in mutual visits, gifts, banquets, travel and other unhealthy tendencies. Then do a good job in 51, 11, then grab the New Year’s Day. The marks of the momentum to grab iron, a stage is a stage of grasping down often grasping long-term grasp, will bear fruit. Discipline inspection and supervision of cadres to be elongated ears, eyes wide open, and severely punish the typical discipline violation, to set a good typical combination of regular inspection and supervision and targeted spot checks, at every level, layers of implementation.

Wang Qishan stressed, blacksmith needed hard, duties, is duties, powers means that responsibility. The face of the party and the people’s trust, from the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Committee, and I start, discipline inspection and supervision of cadres to do discipline, changing the style, set an example against corruption and degeneration.
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CPC Central Committee, deputy secretary of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Zhao Zhu attended the seminar and presided. A member of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the vice minister of supervision, discipline inspection team leader of the vice-ministerial level, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection of more than 170 people participated in the seminar.
Member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Vice Premier of the State Council, the director of the Food Safety Commission of the State Council, Li Keqiang, 23, hosted the fifth plenary meeting of the State Council Food Safety Commission.

In 2010, after the outbreak of the Sanlu milk powder incident, “orders from the hour of crisis,” the State Council, the timely establishment of the Food Safety Commission, the chairman and member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Vice Premier Li Keqiang, Hui Liangyu, Vice Premier Wang Qishan as Deputy Director 15 ministers as members.

The committee since its inception, smitten with melamine, waste oil, clenbuterol has handled a series of criminal acts that endanger people’s lives and health. Food safety “overall stability to the trend, but the situation is still grim.

In the day of the meeting, Li Keqiang serious, all the work of the government to the people’s interests, highlight the desire of the people is food safety.

He highlighted: “put food safety as an important benchmark for nike free run 2 mens sale considerations at all levels of government to change its functions.”

Food security must unremittingly