build atmospheric spectacular landscape effect

ZhaoMou in escape, also get two colleagues “scoop out”, they drive to the west case wood’s house, and gave him money nike roshe run mens on sale fled. ZhaoMou parents know ZhaoMou crime after the surrender, no advice, but contact unwitting uncle and tianjin relatives to help ZhaoMou escape hiding, they also broke the law. At present, ZhaoMou parents, uncle and two colleagues has a guarantor pending trial, they will be shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law.

The tripod with two handles form the station show ancient capital deposits

Anyang from north to south east station is in henan province first station, is to henan “north gate”, the state of the station. It is designed for the tripod with two handles shape building, design concept from anyang unearthed “stepmother amyl copper”, fully embodies the anyang thick culture and vigorous development of the modern breath. Station building high and meters, construction area of 16000 square meters.

Anyang east Tsim Sha Tsui station square cover s nike zoom elite 5 womens running an area of 308 mu, with social vehicles, taxi, VIP parking 175, as well as long-distance passenger-transport bus station, bus stations, at the end of the first. Square floor pattern will use bronze tripod of grain shape design or oracle bone inscriptions carved stone, in order to reveal shells culture; In the square across the trees, lawns and drainage landscape, landscape plant landscape function  in meeting, on the basis of ecological function more attention to reflect, green square, park green space will adopt a large number of local tree species, with halosols deserts, create rich and colorful plant community, emphasizes the organic combination of landscape, build atmospheric spectacular landscape effect.

In the future, anyang station northwest ChaDian river upstream will also build a large-scale drainage landscape, the landscape planning of large

nike free haven 3.0 mens for sale  water lake, when completed, landscape and water system landscape photograph reflect, will present “city in the water, built in the forest,” a better picture.

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