I am in lanzhou suburbs a large enterprise work

CaoCaoGao ling: located in the anyang county feng township west high hole village south, at present the clean out of the two tombs. CaoCaoGao ling temporary exhibition planning area of 787 square meters, with a
cheap nike free run 3 womens  construction area of about 700 square meters, visit ring corridor planning design length of 291 meters. Now finish panel text and more than words, material pictures of more than 500 picture. The internal surface area design, visit channel and information about the design of the exhibition work has already been done.

Taihang grand canyon: located in the west, north and south LinZhouShi length of 100 li, thing width 2.5 warry, elevation 800-1739 meters, the relative height of 1000 meters, the highest high domestic bluff, success, masculine strength dew, table wall crisscross, CangXi water turbulent, flow organ four hang, peak, contrast, table, wall, gorge, organ, over peaks, spring attitude in, is a typical representative of the northern landscape scenery.

Domestic have injected cold peach blossoms

cheap nike dual fusion st 2 in the peach blossom valley, SanFu intense water ice mountain tai chi, riddle pig that ShiSanDa wonders. Have the soul of taihang WangXiangYan, tam deep quiet xianxia valley, JinPu longdong XiaoDongTian, primitive forest mountain tai chi, also true also magic sendai mountain, uncanny workmanship ruban door, one Chinese peach blossom organ, mountain in shansi flat hunan valley hole (LiuXiuHu) eight landscape.

Transportation: changzhi, arrived by coach to  HuGuanXian, then sit bus charter to scenic spot. Charter price is about 200 yuan/day (7 seats of small surface).
In the early 1970 s, I am in lanzhou suburbs a large enterprise work, industrious, versatile I was age girls attention. Maybe it is the era of connotation and character of reason, I didn’t dare to his favorite girl bold profession. Why is his frown on weekdays swallow (a pseudonym) bold crazy chase, colleagues bring together, I and the swallow driving duck shelf, this love talk really fair. And the swallow in the public with contradiction, colleagues and discussion, not believing my future, even it is

cheap nike free run 3.0 v2   asserted that the swallow all one day will leave me, and tell me the swallow mouth of the past, those rumors real difficult pleasant to hear.

inscriptions on oracle bones have proved capital sites

Bus line connection of old and new sites

In order to cooperate with the jingguang high iron through, thhttps://clankovnik.lookcool.cz/wp-admin/post-new.phpe public to anyang
nike huarance free 2012 for sale, November 26 a few days ago, anyang city bus corporation to and road bus was optimized and adjusted, and route will be first in anyang high MTR station bus line.

After the adjustment, and road bus to the railway station by anyang, the initial liberation boulevard, all DE road, wenfeng avenue, everbright road, rich spring street, sunglow road, civilization road sections, such as, enter high MTR station square at the end of the first bus station. This line via anyang main business district, administrative region and Anton new area, and the railway station, bus station was old and high contact together, facilitate the passengers of all kinds of transportation tools in agile transfer.

At present, high MTR station bus parking lot has been constructed and put into use. The parking lot to 10-13 bus line about 130 sets of bus provide perfect logistics. In the future, with XinAnLu wenfeng avenue, such as the main road through the new Anton, anyang bus will open more bus lines, connection high MTR station, Anton to new in all directions, the people will travel more cheap nike lunareclipse running convenient.


Ancient city anyang, scenic spots are rich in history, culture, the elegance, suitable to loosen the mood, carefully taste.

Yin: China in the late shang dynasty ruins of capital. From PanGeng shang dynasty emperor to machine (zhou), based on the more  than two hundred years, China’s history can be sure of the exact location of the earliest capital. Of the twentieth century, because they oracle bone and found that 1928 formally began archaeological. China is the first in the history of literature can test, and for archaeology and inscriptions on oracle bones have proved capital sites.

The main scenic spots have burial site, sacrifice

cheap nike lunareclipse 2 womens  field, M260 exhibition hall, burial tombs exhibition, CheMaKeng.

Transport: bus: the burial site, bus 15 way through; The palace ancestral temple ruins, bus and direct way.

build atmospheric spectacular landscape effect

ZhaoMou in escape, also get two colleagues “scoop out”, they drive to the west case wood’s house, and gave him money nike roshe run mens on sale fled. ZhaoMou parents know ZhaoMou crime after the surrender, no advice, but contact unwitting uncle and tianjin relatives to help ZhaoMou escape hiding, they also broke the law. At present, ZhaoMou parents, uncle and two colleagues has a guarantor pending trial, they will be shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law.

The tripod with two handles form the station show ancient capital deposits

Anyang from north to south east station is in henan province first station, is to henan “north gate”, the state of the station. It is designed for the tripod with two handles shape building, design concept from anyang unearthed “stepmother amyl copper”, fully embodies the anyang thick culture and vigorous development of the modern breath. Station building high and meters, construction area of 16000 square meters.

Anyang east Tsim Sha Tsui station square cover s nike zoom elite 5 womens running an area of 308 mu, with social vehicles, taxi, VIP parking 175, as well as long-distance passenger-transport bus station, bus stations, at the end of the first. Square floor pattern will use bronze tripod of grain shape design or oracle bone inscriptions carved stone, in order to reveal shells culture; In the square across the trees, lawns and drainage landscape, landscape plant landscape function  in meeting, on the basis of ecological function more attention to reflect, green square, park green space will adopt a large number of local tree species, with halosols deserts, create rich and colorful plant community, emphasizes the organic combination of landscape, build atmospheric spectacular landscape effect.

In the future, anyang station northwest ChaDian river upstream will also build a large-scale drainage landscape, the landscape planning of large

nike free haven 3.0 mens for sale  water lake, when completed, landscape and water system landscape photograph reflect, will present “city in the water, built in the forest,” a better picture.

he and the criminal suspect is not ripe

For the market to see the fare for the practice, the staff, told reporters that the move can be understood as part of the market operation, whether to accept to pay the fee, is about to see how people choose to buy food.

Being sing along with many times dissatisfaction cheap nike free run mens provocation and drew his sword

On October 19 at midnight, a ZhaoMou and “in a barbecue restaurant drink a few hours of alcohol, and came to xiangyang area recovery road a cabaret drink singing, there’s a xing and before wang mou has also drank wine three meals. 23 points and points, ZhaoMou point sing a song of “toward to borrow five hundred”, but a xing with point sang this song, sang three or four times, and defiance said: “elder brother sings to hurrah!” ZhaoMou feel have no face very much, with a xing, a xing quarrel happened to take off your coat show tattoo, want to scare ZhaoMou. Under the influence ZhaoMou but no retreat, he rushed to a xing, a xing hold bottle to ZhaoMou came, ZhaoMou see things and not from pocket inside take out spring knife to stab a xing, even after a certain number of stab sword xing fall in a pool of blood, ZhaoMou then leave, a xing for his injuries died on the spot.

South fled to tianjin hiding relatives

After the crime, jiamusi exposed to the public security sub-bureau through the scene investigation, interview and obtaining of sit e
nike free run 2 mens on sale monitoring video, determine the crime suspect’s physical characteristics, and has established the “2012 lantian, and 19” as homicide. Police in the October twenty days late in jiamusi bridge south street a parlor find “one. According to “a speaking, he and the criminal suspect is not ripe, only know his name and phone number.

From the “somewhere get clues, investigator found out the criminal suspect is ZhaoMou, 21 years old, live in suburb west case wood township, in kiamusze factory work. After the crime, ZhaoMou return to west case wood township, through the father and uncle’s help, hiding in HuaNaXian, then fled to tianjin. On October 23 noon, the police in tianjin ZhaoMou relatives inside the corridor of ZhaoMou, followed with relatives, will ZhaoMou and relatives also captured. The catch group with ZhaoMou and its relatives take the train back to kiamusze. A few days ago, the criminal suspect  ZhaoMou for suspected murderer was jiamusi procuratorial organs approval of arrest.

Help “run road” family colleagues are illegal

The ZhaoMou has confessed to the crime, the crime that night, ZhaoMou are preparing to meet after a “, he proposed to drink, two people in

nike air relentless sneakers for sale the barbecue restaurant drink a few hours of alcohol, are drunk. Because ZhaoMou didn’t take money, “buy a single, ZhaoMou feel embarrassed, took” a cabaret to drinking, singing, but also return to let took money and took a flick knife.

such as buy a whole bag of cabbage

arket response:

“Weighing fee” transaction costs is a nike free 3.0 v4 sale  commodity price department approval

Yesterday morning, reporters hurried to the market field interview. Reporters in the east gate of the market, found the entrance guard specialist. The doorkeeper teacher tells a reporter, unless it is the inside of the door, or electric vehicles is is allowed to enter the market. If you have to go in, it will be charged $2 see fare.

The market manager hah person in charge told reporters that the so-called “weighing fee” is actually trading fee. Manager hah said, to market to buy food citizen, if only zero buy a small amount of vegetables, is not collect transaction costs. If buy food quantity is big, up to the wholesale level, such as buy a whole bag of cabbage, market will charge 2% of the turnover of the transaction costs. He also told reporters that their charges are price bureau approval, be perfectly justifiable.

Manager hah said, market of enterprises need

nike free 4.0 v2 sneakers on sale to transport and vegetables, they can pass in and out of the car, but ordinary citizens buy vegetables cars are not allowed to enter the market. At 12 o ‘clock in the morning every day to 7 points, if buy vegetables citizens will push the car market, it will be charged a late fee of $2. “Charge is not a goal, we just want to pass this way, try to reduce you to push the car, in order to ensure the market operation order.” He also told reporters that morning after 7 PM, in principle, they are not allowed to enter the market of car.

Commodity price  departments:

Never examination and approval after transaction fee is this market behavior

Yesterday morning, reporters on the matter consultation with the commodity price departments. City bureau of commodity price of a staff, told reporters, they never examination and approval after the so-called “transaction cost”, the market transaction fee charged is completely market behavior. He told a
cheap nike free 5.0 v4 mens reporter, now the market is open for business, the business operator profit consideration, may, on its own, formulate some the charging items. For consumers, they have their own option. If feel transaction fee is not reasonable, consumers can choose other market.