such as buy a whole bag of cabbage

arket response:

“Weighing fee” transaction costs is a nike free 3.0 v4 sale  commodity price department approval

Yesterday morning, reporters hurried to the market field interview. Reporters in the east gate of the market, found the entrance guard specialist. The doorkeeper teacher tells a reporter, unless it is the inside of the door, or electric vehicles is is allowed to enter the market. If you have to go in, it will be charged $2 see fare.

The market manager hah person in charge told reporters that the so-called “weighing fee” is actually trading fee. Manager hah said, to market to buy food citizen, if only zero buy a small amount of vegetables, is not collect transaction costs. If buy food quantity is big, up to the wholesale level, such as buy a whole bag of cabbage, market will charge 2% of the turnover of the transaction costs. He also told reporters that their charges are price bureau approval, be perfectly justifiable.

Manager hah said, market of enterprises need

nike free 4.0 v2 sneakers on sale to transport and vegetables, they can pass in and out of the car, but ordinary citizens buy vegetables cars are not allowed to enter the market. At 12 o ‘clock in the morning every day to 7 points, if buy vegetables citizens will push the car market, it will be charged a late fee of $2. “Charge is not a goal, we just want to pass this way, try to reduce you to push the car, in order to ensure the market operation order.” He also told reporters that morning after 7 PM, in principle, they are not allowed to enter the market of car.

Commodity price  departments:

Never examination and approval after transaction fee is this market behavior

Yesterday morning, reporters on the matter consultation with the commodity price departments. City bureau of commodity price of a staff, told reporters, they never examination and approval after the so-called “transaction cost”, the market transaction fee charged is completely market behavior. He told a
cheap nike free 5.0 v4 mens reporter, now the market is open for business, the business operator profit consideration, may, on its own, formulate some the charging items. For consumers, they have their own option. If feel transaction fee is not reasonable, consumers can choose other market.

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