he and the criminal suspect is not ripe

For the market to see the fare for the practice, the staff, told reporters that the move can be understood as part of the market operation, whether to accept to pay the fee, is about to see how people choose to buy food.

Being sing along with many times dissatisfaction cheap nike free run mens provocation and drew his sword

On October 19 at midnight, a ZhaoMou and “in a barbecue restaurant drink a few hours of alcohol, and came to xiangyang area recovery road a cabaret drink singing, there’s a xing and before wang mou has also drank wine three meals. 23 points and points, ZhaoMou point sing a song of “toward to borrow five hundred”, but a xing with point sang this song, sang three or four times, and defiance said: “elder brother sings to hurrah!” ZhaoMou feel have no face very much, with a xing, a xing quarrel happened to take off your coat show tattoo, want to scare ZhaoMou. Under the influence ZhaoMou but no retreat, he rushed to a xing, a xing hold bottle to ZhaoMou came, ZhaoMou see things and not from pocket inside take out spring knife to stab a xing, even after a certain number of stab sword xing fall in a pool of blood, ZhaoMou then leave, a xing for his injuries died on the spot.

South fled to tianjin hiding relatives

After the crime, jiamusi exposed to the public security sub-bureau through the scene investigation, interview and obtaining of sit e
nike free run 2 mens on sale monitoring video, determine the crime suspect’s physical characteristics, and has established the “2012 lantian, and 19” as homicide. Police in the October twenty days late in jiamusi bridge south street a parlor find “one. According to “a speaking, he and the criminal suspect is not ripe, only know his name and phone number.

From the “somewhere get clues, investigator found out the criminal suspect is ZhaoMou, 21 years old, live in suburb west case wood township, in kiamusze factory work. After the crime, ZhaoMou return to west case wood township, through the father and uncle’s help, hiding in HuaNaXian, then fled to tianjin. On October 23 noon, the police in tianjin ZhaoMou relatives inside the corridor of ZhaoMou, followed with relatives, will ZhaoMou and relatives also captured. The catch group with ZhaoMou and its relatives take the train back to kiamusze. A few days ago, the criminal suspect  ZhaoMou for suspected murderer was jiamusi procuratorial organs approval of arrest.

Help “run road” family colleagues are illegal

The ZhaoMou has confessed to the crime, the crime that night, ZhaoMou are preparing to meet after a “, he proposed to drink, two people in

nike air relentless sneakers for sale the barbecue restaurant drink a few hours of alcohol, are drunk. Because ZhaoMou didn’t take money, “buy a single, ZhaoMou feel embarrassed, took” a cabaret to drinking, singing, but also return to let took money and took a flick knife.

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