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 energy conservation is an important starting point, efforts to promote green development cycle of development, low-carbon development. To improve the energy saving policy, and to control the total energy consumption in the work program as soon as possible and supporting measures to promote energy conservation and environmental protection, the use of price leverage. Accelerate the imp nike air max tn uk sale lementation of energy-saving technological transformation, the promotion of energy management contract key energy saving projects, vigorously develop energy-saving, resource recycling and environmental protection industries. Increase of the park loop transformation support efforts to build national demonstration base “City mineral. Continue to implement the key ecological environmental protection projec   nike air max 24/7 uk sale ts, strengthen the comprehensive management of key areas, key river basin environment. Prepared to deal with climate change work.Eighth and deepen reform and opening up. To adhere to the correct direction of the reform and opening up, and strive to make new breakthroughs in important areas of reform. Steadily promote the price reform of resource products focus on perfect oil price formation mechanism, the implementation of key coal unification of the market price of coal, promoting the reform of natural gas prices, improve residents stepped tariff policy. Further promote    nike air max 1 uk sale the medical and health system, and improve the system of universal health care, reform the Medicare payment system, promote the protection and rescue mechanism construction of major diseases, reinforce and improve the essential drug system and primary run new mechanisms to promote the comprehensive reform of public hospitals. Coordinate the promotion of national and provincial comprehensive reform, summed up the extension of the pilot experience, promote investment and financing system. To implement a more proactive opening-up strategy to promote the steady growth of foreign trade, improve t

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