vigorously carry out the construction of

farmland water conservancy, to accelerate key projects such as the renovation and construction of large-scale irrigation, and grasp the weak link in building. Further improve the minimum purchase price of wheat, rice, steady improvement of grain direct subsidy level and seed subsidy standards, the development of rural secondary and tertiary industries, especially agricultural products processing industry, to promote nonagricultural employment and sustained income.The third is to maintain the basic stability of prices. To focus on to promote total social supply and demand balance, strengthen price monitoring and early warning, and improve social assistance and security standards and price increases linked to the linkage mechanism to consolidate control results. Do a good job in the production of important commo   cheap nike air max 2009 shoes online dities, transportation and marketing, and reserves the handling, import and export regulation. Comprehensive use of the minimum purchase price of interim purchasing policy insurance and other means, to protect farmers’ enthusiasm for production. The implementation of the integrated program of work, reduce distribution costs effectively reduce distribution costs. Continue to clean up involving enterprises as well as the livelihood of the people in areas such as unreas  cheap nike air max 95 sale online onable charges, carry out education, health care, telecommunications, banking, transportation and other price and pay checks, and severely punish the prices of illegal behavior, to improve the ability and level of anti-price monopoly law enforcement. Rational guide social expectations.Fourth, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading. To take full advantage of the Forced mechanism formed by the international financial crisis, to resolve the problem of excess capacity as ind  nike air max 95 360 uk sale ustrial restructuring focus to develop targeted adjustment and defuse the program, and strive to achieve tangible results as soon as possible. Strengthen innovation-driven, start the “second five” major national scientific and technological infrastructure, accelerate the major projects of strategic emerging industries, the implementation of major projects for a number of high-tech and accelerating major information technology projects. Preparation of the service sector in key industries and key areas of planning, study and formulate policy advice to promote the accelerated development of services, improve support policies, a

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