advantages of the use of foreign capital

and overall effectiveness, speed up the pace of “going out”, improve the mechanism for investment and cooperation with key countries and regions.Nine is to ensure and improve people’s livelihood. Basic public service sys  nike air max 2012 womens uk saletem to the organization and implementation of “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” as the starting point to solve the people most concerned about is the most direct and most practical interests. To promote employment in the greater priority, improve the urban and rural public employment service system, to continue to focus on the construction of affordable housing projects, and attract the participation of social capital to ensure constructio   nike air max 95 360 womens sale n quality, improve facilities really good job in the equitable distribution and effective check . Support the development of education, improve weak schools school conditions. Strengthen the primary health care service system, public cultural infrastructure as well as social pension, community services, tourism, public sports infrastructure construction.During the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, heavy equipment only able to call two meters 26 helicopter, a loan, another plane is Russian assistance.   nike air max ltd womens uk Premier Wen Jiabao said at the time that “It hurt my heart. In today’s world, the degree of a country’s strategic interests can be extended to a large extent by the extent of her military strength can arrive determined. Do not have the military strength to defend national interests, is just empty talk.On Sunday, the military expert Li Li, a handsome uniform, appeared in Zhejiang Humanities Lecture Hall. The lecture, perhaps Zhejiang Humanities Lecture Hall in the history of the highest level of confidentiality “a lecture on defense high-tech.Li Li believes that the extent of a country’s strategic interests can be extended to a large extent determined by the extent of its military strength can arrive.Many listeners in doubt, China is still a developing country, they spend so much money on the military, worth it  Li Li said, worth it. She answered questions from the audience at the scene.Q: development and production of our aircraft carriers A: We now have the ability to build a high-power aircraft carrier but not blindly construction, a lot of things have to

construction in a prominent position,

 energy conservation is an important starting point, efforts to promote green development cycle of development, low-carbon development. To improve the energy saving policy, and to control the total energy consumption in the work program as soon as possible and supporting measures to promote energy conservation and environmental protection, the use of price leverage. Accelerate the imp nike air max tn uk sale lementation of energy-saving technological transformation, the promotion of energy management contract key energy saving projects, vigorously develop energy-saving, resource recycling and environmental protection industries. Increase of the park loop transformation support efforts to build national demonstration base “City mineral. Continue to implement the key ecological environmental protection projec   nike air max 24/7 uk sale ts, strengthen the comprehensive management of key areas, key river basin environment. Prepared to deal with climate change work.Eighth and deepen reform and opening up. To adhere to the correct direction of the reform and opening up, and strive to make new breakthroughs in important areas of reform. Steadily promote the price reform of resource products focus on perfect oil price formation mechanism, the implementation of key coal unification of the market price of coal, promoting the reform of natural gas prices, improve residents stepped tariff policy. Further promote    nike air max 1 uk sale the medical and health system, and improve the system of universal health care, reform the Medicare payment system, promote the protection and rescue mechanism construction of major diseases, reinforce and improve the essential drug system and primary run new mechanisms to promote the comprehensive reform of public hospitals. Coordinate the promotion of national and provincial comprehensive reform, summed up the extension of the pilot experience, promote investment and financing system. To implement a more proactive opening-up strategy to promote the steady growth of foreign trade, improve t

vigorously carry out the construction of

farmland water conservancy, to accelerate key projects such as the renovation and construction of large-scale irrigation, and grasp the weak link in building. Further improve the minimum purchase price of wheat, rice, steady improvement of grain direct subsidy level and seed subsidy standards, the development of rural secondary and tertiary industries, especially agricultural products processing industry, to promote nonagricultural employment and sustained income.The third is to maintain the basic stability of prices. To focus on to promote total social supply and demand balance, strengthen price monitoring and early warning, and improve social assistance and security standards and price increases linked to the linkage mechanism to consolidate control results. Do a good job in the production of important commo   cheap nike air max 2009 shoes online dities, transportation and marketing, and reserves the handling, import and export regulation. Comprehensive use of the minimum purchase price of interim purchasing policy insurance and other means, to protect farmers’ enthusiasm for production. The implementation of the integrated program of work, reduce distribution costs effectively reduce distribution costs. Continue to clean up involving enterprises as well as the livelihood of the people in areas such as unreas  cheap nike air max 95 sale online onable charges, carry out education, health care, telecommunications, banking, transportation and other price and pay checks, and severely punish the prices of illegal behavior, to improve the ability and level of anti-price monopoly law enforcement. Rational guide social expectations.Fourth, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading. To take full advantage of the Forced mechanism formed by the international financial crisis, to resolve the problem of excess capacity as ind  nike air max 95 360 uk sale ustrial restructuring focus to develop targeted adjustment and defuse the program, and strive to achieve tangible results as soon as possible. Strengthen innovation-driven, start the “second five” major national scientific and technological infrastructure, accelerate the major projects of strategic emerging industries, the implementation of major projects for a number of high-tech and accelerating major information technology projects. Preparation of the service sector in key industries and key areas of planning, study and formulate policy advice to promote the accelerated development of services, improve support policies, a

BEIJING, December 18 (Reporter

Zhou Rui) the National Developme  nike air max 2012 shoes cheap nt and Reform Work Conference was held in Beijing today. National Development and Reform Commission Zhang Ping, to make a report at the meeting, put forward next year to fully implement the overall arrangements and requirements of the Chinese Communist Party eighteen Japanese Central Economic Work Conference, an accurate grasp of the macroeconomic policy orientation, and the main task of economic work, balanced, focused, focus to solve constrained the sustained and healthy development of major structural problems, and focus on doing the work of the nine aspects.First, to promote stable economic growth. To maintain the continuity and stability of mac  cheap nike air max 2011 shoes roeconomic policies, continue to implement the proactive fiscal policy and prudent monetary policy, and enhance the policy relevance, flexibility and effectiveness, and improve the quality and efficiency of growth. Adhere to the basic principle of expanding domestic demand, and enhance the consumer the ability to optimize the consumption environment, and promote the upgrading of consumption, and enhance the role of consumption on the basis of economic growth. Play the key role of a good investment for economic growth, the central budget for investment to invest i   nike air max 2010 shoes cheap n affordable housing projects and urban infrastructure, agriculture, rural areas and farmers, social undertakings and social management, energy conservation and eco-innovation and structural adjustment, due to developed areas and other areas. Good grasp of the national key projects, strengthen the supervision of the Project Inspectors, to ensure timely completed and put into operation, to protect the significant progress of the project, quality and safety. Implement to encourage and guide private investment, “the new 36” and 42 aspects of the implementation details, and to encourage the development of the real economy. Do a good job to regulate economic activities.Really good job in “rural” work. Should solve the “three rural” issues as the most important of all the work, and to continue to implement and improve the intensity of benefiting the agriculture the kulak policies, and to maintain the good momentum of the development of agriculture and rural areas and farmers incomes. Continue to implement the national new billion kilograms of grain production capacity plan, and ensures stable production of major agricultural products. Strengthen agricultural and rural infrastructure co