husband, son and grandson chase

 even the phone lines are cut off.Reporter

observed, the east side of the main building of the quarter of Han home next to a

small plant of the Green Paper, the front of the newly built roads are still

under construction, the road is still covered with stones along the road they

basically have to move out.Injured midnight knives to injure, even the kids did

not letSubsequently, the Affiliated H    nike lunareclipse 2 uk sale ospital of Nantong University, reporters

found a quarter of the old man injured Han quarter, new jade, the younger son,

grandson quarter Wei three people lying in a ward.Quarter new Jade back chopped

memories about 1:00 that day, he was lying on the bed to sleep drowsily, suddenly

heard heard shrill screams coming from downstairs. Because the father lives

downstairs, the quarter new jade awakened quickly got up and down the stairs, he

was in front of the terrible scene scared silly: over sixty years, the father

down in a pool of blood, before h nike zoom elite 5 uk sale e could react, several strange men to take

machetes chase, cut off his back. “It was dark mass of a house, come at least

twenty or thirty, holding machetes and sticks.” the new quarter jade recalled

that, led by two men he knew, is Shuntong demolition company demolition of his

home where Donghui east side of South extension project, in which a man named

Zhou Hong Qi.Chopped quarter of Han and quarter new jade, five or six thugs

rushed upstairs, kicked quarter Wei room door. “He was only 14 years old, ah,

cruel to even young childre   nike air relentless uk for salen are left off.” Wife Haiying quarter of Han the

quarter Wei’s mother, in order to protect her son, Haiying also be chopped.After

examination, the quarter of Han, and quaternary new jade skin contusion, Ji Wei,

head trauma, three condition in which further observation.The parties have the

Subdistrict negotiated prepare signatureJi Han a call after the incident, the 110

and 120. Why should there be such a tragedy  The relocatees demolition company

exactly what the holidays  In the interview, quarter new Yu told reporters, in

the demolition process, the family has never occurred due to the compensation

area and the amount of compensation and demolition company in any conflict. Since

August 15, Donghui east side of South extension project to carry out the

demolition work, of Shuntong demolition company people total came to their home

three times. “They ask us directly, how much, how much area, never arranged a

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