husband, son and grandson chase

 even the phone lines are cut off.Reporter

observed, the east side of the main building of the quarter of Han home next to a

small plant of the Green Paper, the front of the newly built roads are still

under construction, the road is still covered with stones along the road they

basically have to move out.Injured midnight knives to injure, even the kids did

not letSubsequently, the Affiliated H    nike lunareclipse 2 uk sale ospital of Nantong University, reporters

found a quarter of the old man injured Han quarter, new jade, the younger son,

grandson quarter Wei three people lying in a ward.Quarter new Jade back chopped

memories about 1:00 that day, he was lying on the bed to sleep drowsily, suddenly

heard heard shrill screams coming from downstairs. Because the father lives

downstairs, the quarter new jade awakened quickly got up and down the stairs, he

was in front of the terrible scene scared silly: over sixty years, the father

down in a pool of blood, before h nike zoom elite 5 uk sale e could react, several strange men to take

machetes chase, cut off his back. “It was dark mass of a house, come at least

twenty or thirty, holding machetes and sticks.” the new quarter jade recalled

that, led by two men he knew, is Shuntong demolition company demolition of his

home where Donghui east side of South extension project, in which a man named

Zhou Hong Qi.Chopped quarter of Han and quarter new jade, five or six thugs

rushed upstairs, kicked quarter Wei room door. “He was only 14 years old, ah,

cruel to even young childre   nike air relentless uk for salen are left off.” Wife Haiying quarter of Han the

quarter Wei’s mother, in order to protect her son, Haiying also be chopped.After

examination, the quarter of Han, and quaternary new jade skin contusion, Ji Wei,

head trauma, three condition in which further observation.The parties have the

Subdistrict negotiated prepare signatureJi Han a call after the incident, the 110

and 120. Why should there be such a tragedy  The relocatees demolition company

exactly what the holidays  In the interview, quarter new Yu told reporters, in

the demolition process, the family has never occurred due to the compensation

area and the amount of compensation and demolition company in any conflict. Since

August 15, Donghui east side of South extension project to carry out the

demolition work, of Shuntong demolition company people total came to their home

three times. “They ask us directly, how much, how much area, never arranged a

effect of narrowing the income gap between

rich and poor. To make the tax system

truly become a “weapon” to adjust the income gap, the need to proceed from three

points: first, to promote a tax to the family unit levied perfect progressive tax

system; future tax reform pay more attention to the regulation of the wealth gap;

Third, reduction of indirect taxes, to help the people.[Review] by improving the

tax system and structural tax cuts “pumping fertilizer complement lean” property

publicly and banned illegal revenues “rich tax more than middle-income

populations appropriate tax, the poor paying less tax, is the tax two times the

proper meaning of the regulatory function.Editor: Wang Zheng](Editor: Lin

Dingzhong)Local police: the number of the assailants were arrested, the current

case is under investigation amongNantong Guanyin Town: arising from either

company, the successful tenderer for demolition projectAdvantage And at 1:00 on

the December 11,, 4 World Lun Hashimura, Nantong Guanyin Town group occurred with

the tragedy, responsible for the demolition of a local engineering company with

the middle of the night to break into t  nike roshe run uk for sale he relocatees home, armed with a knife

chopped a family of four to go. Currently, the injured are Affiliated Hospital of

Nantong University, receiving treatment, the number of perpetrators have been

arrested, the case is under further investigation.□ the Modern Express reporter

Chen Yingwen / photoLive up  nike kukini free uk for sale stairs, downstairs bloodstainedYesterday, the reporter

went to the scene, I saw two small buildings around quarter of Han home has been

cordoned off, full smashed glass doors and windows downstairs naked. Outside the

house is a mess, chunks of blood stained the white walls along the staircase has

been spread on the floor of the upstairs bedroom.”Old and scary all at once

chopped four people, as well as a little kid.” “Demolition normalized demolition,

fail to reach an agreement can not be knives to injure ah.” Early in the morning,

the village men, women and children have come after hearing around in front of

the building talking about. The mistress of the house, Li Rufen introduced her

two sons, grandchildren, son, daughter-in-law with two elderly people, three

generations of eight people living nike lunarglide+4 uk for sale in the walls of the old house.Excessive shock,

Li Rufen recalled does not have anything to do with things that night, she could

only remember a lot of people holding a 40 cm long knife, in front of her

of individuals in the entire pattern of

income distribution is not rise but fell,

and how to achieve both “rich people” and “The Wealth of Nations” by adjusting

the burden on individuals, the test of the government wisdom.Mention how much is

reasonableTax threshold is undervalued 3,000 yuan[Focus] in the first three

quarters of this year, China’s CPI rose 2.8% in the same period per capita

disposable income of urban and rural residents grew by about 10%. If you want to

raise the tax threshold raised to how much is reasonable [Opinion] Wang Jian: tax

threshold be raised to $ 10,000. Raise the tax threshold can not only increase

the disposable income of low and middle income persons, as well as helping to

train middle-income populations.Private investment in research director of the

Center of Renmin University of China maguangyuan: from international experience,

our tax threshold is undervalued 3,000 yuan. Standards of internationally

recognized tax threshold is 2 times the GDP per capita, or 1.5 times the per

capita labor wages, considering the combination of China’s actual situation,

especially the spirit of taxes “lowering control” function, reasonable The

threshold should be between 50 nike free 3.0 v2 uk sale 00-7000 yuan.The deputy director of the Institute

of Fiscal Science Liu Shangxi: threshold gradually increase in one direction, but

should not be 5000 or $ 10,000 a fixed value.[Review] “scores” is not an end in

itself, so that residents tax burden and economic growth to match is the crux of

the matter.How to narrow the income gap”Need to move forward a tax levy the

family as a unit.”[Focus] and 18 proposed to increase the redistribution of

adjustment efforts, and efforts to solve the  nike free haven 3.0 uk sale larger problem of the gap in income

distribution. How much is the tax as an important means of secondary

distribution, improve the tax threshold to narrow the income gap [Opinion] Fudan

University School of Management Professor Hung Kim Qiao: to increase the tax

threshold to narrow the gap between rich and poor has positive significance. If

the exemption amount is increased to 5,000 yuan, the monthly income of less than

$ 5,000 wage earners will be exempt.Yanjing Overseas Chinese University Watson:

raise the tax threshold, it means that the overall income of a tax in the total

tax revenue dropped the contrar  nike huarache free 2012 uk sale y, the proportion of commodity tax rises.

Commodity tax, the more income is not high, the general public and limited

savings, goods and services, the higher the proportion of consumption, and thus

the tax more.Economic Research Institute of the China (Hainan) Reform and

Development Research Institute Kuangxian Ming: the tax threshold to improve

urban drinking water quality compliance rate

of 83%.(This article Source: China

Radio Network)Original title: users and more support initial fee experts called

on the family unit levied a tax of ten thousand yuanWhether the tax threshold

needs to be adjusted once again sparked controversy recently, it was suggested

that the threshold should be raised to 10,000 yuan. The media survey shows that

more than 60% of the users on this proposal, said support in low-income tax as

little as possible “. Ready to go ahead of the reform of the income distribution,

the tax threshold should be raised  If you want to increase the threshold set at

how much more appropriate  To what extent can raise the threshold to narrow the

income gap  Stakeholders views are not consistent.The threshold this should not

improve”Should be significantly nike free run 5.0 v4 ukfor sale increased, as ‘poor’ burdens.”[Focus] in

September last year, the tax threshold raised to 3,500 yuan, about 60 million

people have escaped to pay a tax. In the background of the prices and incomes

“double L”, the threshold should or should not be raised further [Opinion] chief

economist of the State Information Center, Fan Jianping: raise the tax threshold

is a trend, but can not be generalized. Family and regional income and

expenditure gap is large, 3,500 yu   nike free 4.0 v2 uk sale an for the western and rural areas may be

relatively high, but to go northward wide speaking even lower.Department of

Economics, the original owners of the National School of Administration Renwang

Jian: should be significantly increased. Since the execution of the tax formula

such as the new one, the working-class tax surface was reduced by 28% to 7.7%,

the reform and the implementation of the first four months to lighten the burden

of more than fifty billion yuan, equivalent to almost 60 million are no longer

tax per person multiple of nearly 1,000 yuan. Raised again, and will further

reduce the tax side, reducing the b    nike free 3.0 v4 uk sale urden as “poor”.[Reviews] whether this raised

the tax threshold is not only a rigorous economic issues, is also the need to

take seriously the social problems. Often to governments and businesses in the

pattern of China’s income as the most important in recent years, the proportion

Administration, said all three years of the

effective time of the examinees from

New Year’s Day next year’s ticket. Candidates have already registered in the

study, however, can extend the validity period of it  In this regard, the

reporter learned from the Vehicle Administration, all driving license admission

ticket is still valid candidates in the early hours of January 1, 2013, may be

extended to three years. The admission ticket candidates fail in the early hours

of January 1, 2013, you can not extend the period of validity.If it is finished

before New Year’s Day of 2013 the inverted pile participants whether they would

participate in the 5 test 5 test  In this regard, the Vehicle Administration

department said that the candidates in this case, the examination of the other

four can be only after January 1 next year.”But even by the subjects of the

examination after January 1 next year, still have to participate in the subjects

three in the civilized driving test.” (Lin Ling)For exam half, how to do

Yangcheng Evening News the Ministry of Public Security issued a new revised

“driver’s license to apply for and use provisions will be implemented from

January 1 next year. Many students have already registered to worry about: Old

students next year according to the new regulatory exam or the old regulations

exam  Many Driving disclose Although the implementation of new regulations,

driving school needs to invest, but ther  nike free run 3 uk sale e is no consideration of fare

increase.”I’ve been through the electronic Zhuangkao next year, but also test the

new regulations ‘five compulsory’ ” Said Mr. Lee, Guangzhou trainees. Many old

students have signed up to learn the same aspirations. Mr. Lee said, First, for

older students, the original has been   nike free run 2 uk sale under the old rules learning after January

1 next year, need new rules to learn whether, according to the new regulations,

this part of the study has no effect  Secondly, it has been test the validity of

some of the subjects at Grade, next year the need for re-examination in

accordance with the new regulations  There are less than 20 days is necessary to

implement the new regulations, but the above problems, the Vehicle Administration

department has not clearly explained.  nike free run uk shoes “Our venue before transformation soon, and

now have new regulations transformation.” Said the person in charge of a large

driving school in Guangzhou. The respondents 驾校 said, in accordance with the

new regulations, the examination room and Driving, must venues transformation,

but unlikely to raise tuition, no fare increase plan. (Lin Ling)1, the new

regulations increase what the content of the examination Civilization increased

driving test, and the answer on the computer, 100 points out of 90 points

qualified, no exam, multiple make-up. Examinations and make-up are free.2, the

existing exam project change Respectively, and leaves piles and the 9 election

instead of disposable finished reversing warehousing, the ramp designated stop

and start, side parking curve driving, right-angle turn five.(Editor: SONG Yu

new)Original title: the Ministry of Health: Chinese city of drinking water

quality compliance rate was 83%Hong Beijing December 13, according to Voice of

the economy, “World Finance” report, the Ministry of Health yesterday held a news

conference to introduce the 2012 health supervision. The census showed that the

evaluation in accordance with the new “drinking water health standards”, China’s