of individuals in the entire pattern of

income distribution is not rise but fell,

and how to achieve both “rich people” and “The Wealth of Nations” by adjusting

the burden on individuals, the test of the government wisdom.Mention how much is

reasonableTax threshold is undervalued 3,000 yuan[Focus] in the first three

quarters of this year, China’s CPI rose 2.8% in the same period per capita

disposable income of urban and rural residents grew by about 10%. If you want to

raise the tax threshold raised to how much is reasonable [Opinion] Wang Jian: tax

threshold be raised to $ 10,000. Raise the tax threshold can not only increase

the disposable income of low and middle income persons, as well as helping to

train middle-income populations.Private investment in research director of the

Center of Renmin University of China maguangyuan: from international experience,

our tax threshold is undervalued 3,000 yuan. Standards of internationally

recognized tax threshold is 2 times the GDP per capita, or 1.5 times the per

capita labor wages, considering the combination of China’s actual situation,

especially the spirit of taxes “lowering control” function, reasonable The

threshold should be between 50 nike free 3.0 v2 uk sale 00-7000 yuan.The deputy director of the Institute

of Fiscal Science Liu Shangxi: threshold gradually increase in one direction, but

should not be 5000 or $ 10,000 a fixed value.[Review] “scores” is not an end in

itself, so that residents tax burden and economic growth to match is the crux of

the matter.How to narrow the income gap”Need to move forward a tax levy the

family as a unit.”[Focus] and 18 proposed to increase the redistribution of

adjustment efforts, and efforts to solve the  nike free haven 3.0 uk sale larger problem of the gap in income

distribution. How much is the tax as an important means of secondary

distribution, improve the tax threshold to narrow the income gap [Opinion] Fudan

University School of Management Professor Hung Kim Qiao: to increase the tax

threshold to narrow the gap between rich and poor has positive significance. If

the exemption amount is increased to 5,000 yuan, the monthly income of less than

$ 5,000 wage earners will be exempt.Yanjing Overseas Chinese University Watson:

raise the tax threshold, it means that the overall income of a tax in the total

tax revenue dropped the contrar  nike huarache free 2012 uk sale y, the proportion of commodity tax rises.

Commodity tax, the more income is not high, the general public and limited

savings, goods and services, the higher the proportion of consumption, and thus

the tax more.Economic Research Institute of the China (Hainan) Reform and

Development Research Institute Kuangxian Ming: the tax threshold to improve

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