effect of narrowing the income gap between

rich and poor. To make the tax system

truly become a “weapon” to adjust the income gap, the need to proceed from three

points: first, to promote a tax to the family unit levied perfect progressive tax

system; future tax reform pay more attention to the regulation of the wealth gap;

Third, reduction of indirect taxes, to help the people.[Review] by improving the

tax system and structural tax cuts “pumping fertilizer complement lean” property

publicly and banned illegal revenues “rich tax more than middle-income

populations appropriate tax, the poor paying less tax, is the tax two times the

proper meaning of the regulatory function.Editor: Wang Zheng](Editor: Lin

Dingzhong)Local police: the number of the assailants were arrested, the current

case is under investigation amongNantong Guanyin Town: arising from either

company, the successful tenderer for demolition projectAdvantage And at 1:00 on

the December 11,, 4 World Lun Hashimura, Nantong Guanyin Town group occurred with

the tragedy, responsible for the demolition of a local engineering company with

the middle of the night to break into t  nike roshe run uk for sale he relocatees home, armed with a knife

chopped a family of four to go. Currently, the injured are Affiliated Hospital of

Nantong University, receiving treatment, the number of perpetrators have been

arrested, the case is under further investigation.□ the Modern Express reporter

Chen Yingwen / photoLive up  nike kukini free uk for sale stairs, downstairs bloodstainedYesterday, the reporter

went to the scene, I saw two small buildings around quarter of Han home has been

cordoned off, full smashed glass doors and windows downstairs naked. Outside the

house is a mess, chunks of blood stained the white walls along the staircase has

been spread on the floor of the upstairs bedroom.”Old and scary all at once

chopped four people, as well as a little kid.” “Demolition normalized demolition,

fail to reach an agreement can not be knives to injure ah.” Early in the morning,

the village men, women and children have come after hearing around in front of

the building talking about. The mistress of the house, Li Rufen introduced her

two sons, grandchildren, son, daughter-in-law with two elderly people, three

generations of eight people living nike lunarglide+4 uk for sale in the walls of the old house.Excessive shock,

Li Rufen recalled does not have anything to do with things that night, she could

only remember a lot of people holding a 40 cm long knife, in front of her

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