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of 83%.(This article Source: China

Radio Network)Original title: users and more support initial fee experts called

on the family unit levied a tax of ten thousand yuanWhether the tax threshold

needs to be adjusted once again sparked controversy recently, it was suggested

that the threshold should be raised to 10,000 yuan. The media survey shows that

more than 60% of the users on this proposal, said support in low-income tax as

little as possible “. Ready to go ahead of the reform of the income distribution,

the tax threshold should be raised  If you want to increase the threshold set at

how much more appropriate  To what extent can raise the threshold to narrow the

income gap  Stakeholders views are not consistent.The threshold this should not

improve”Should be significantly nike free run 5.0 v4 ukfor sale increased, as ‘poor’ burdens.”[Focus] in

September last year, the tax threshold raised to 3,500 yuan, about 60 million

people have escaped to pay a tax. In the background of the prices and incomes

“double L”, the threshold should or should not be raised further [Opinion] chief

economist of the State Information Center, Fan Jianping: raise the tax threshold

is a trend, but can not be generalized. Family and regional income and

expenditure gap is large, 3,500 yu   nike free 4.0 v2 uk sale an for the western and rural areas may be

relatively high, but to go northward wide speaking even lower.Department of

Economics, the original owners of the National School of Administration Renwang

Jian: should be significantly increased. Since the execution of the tax formula

such as the new one, the working-class tax surface was reduced by 28% to 7.7%,

the reform and the implementation of the first four months to lighten the burden

of more than fifty billion yuan, equivalent to almost 60 million are no longer

tax per person multiple of nearly 1,000 yuan. Raised again, and will further

reduce the tax side, reducing the b    nike free 3.0 v4 uk sale urden as “poor”.[Reviews] whether this raised

the tax threshold is not only a rigorous economic issues, is also the need to

take seriously the social problems. Often to governments and businesses in the

pattern of China’s income as the most important in recent years, the proportion

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